Unlocking Investor Opportunities: GIFT Nifty and GIFT Nifty Bank Derivatives

Investors with access to derivative products like GIFT Nifty Index and GIFT Nifty Bank will have a number of opportunities, including: Overall, derivative products can offer a number of opportunities for investors. However, it is important to remember that derivatives are also risky instruments and should only be used by investors who understand the risks … Read more

Gift / NSE IFSC Nifty Bank Futures & Options Contract specifications

As Gift Connect offered multiple products for International Investors, Contract Specifications of Gift Nifty Bank Futures / NSE IFSC Nifty Bank Index Futures and Options are as below. NSE IFSC Nifty Bank Index Futures Contract Specifications are as per NSEIX NSE IFSC Bank Nifty Index Futures Instrument Type FUTIDX Underlying Asset NIFTY BANK Index Symbol BANKNIFTY Currency US … Read more

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