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About Gift Bank Nifty Future

GIFT / NSE IFSC Nifty Bank Futures is a USD-denominated futures contract on the Nifty Bank Index, which is a basket of 12 of the most liquid banks in India. The contract is traded on the NSE IFSC, which is an international exchange located in GIFT City, Gujarat.

The GIFT / NSE IFSC Nifty Bank Futures contract was launched in July 2023, as part of the GIFT Connect initiative, which is a collaboration between the NSE and the SGX to provide international investors with access to the Indian derivatives market.

The contract has a 21-hour trading window, from 6:30 AM to 2:45 AM IST, and is settled in USD. The contract size is 250 Nifty Bank Index points, and the minimum price movement is 0.05 points. 

The NSEIX Nifty Bank Futures contract is a popular instrument for hedging and trading exposure to the Indian banking sector. It is also a useful tool for investors who want to gain exposure to the Indian economy through the banking sector.

Here are some of the benefits of trading GIFT Nifty Bank Futures:

  • 21-hour trading window provides flexibility for traders
  • USD-denominated contract provides access to international investors
  • Settled in USD, which reduces currency risk
  • Liquidity is increasing as more investors gain exposure to the Indian market
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