Indian Stock Market Gains Amid Broad-Based Buying, But Foreign Outflows Loom Large

The Sensex and Nifty saw gains today due to broad-based buying, with both indices continuing their winning streak for the second day. The positive momentum was driven by a cooling off in oil prices, indicating a potential easing of tensions in the Iran-Israel conflict. However, analysts are cautious about the near-term outlook, citing concerns over … Read more

Gift Nifty Trading and Clearing Holiday List – 2024

The trading holidays on Gift Nifty Future for the calendar year 2024 are as below. Gift Nifty Trading Holidays 2024 Note : Trading shall remain closed on Saturday and Sunday, unless it is explicitly stated otherwise. Gift Nifty Clearing holiday Enjoy the live price of Gift Nifty to Setup your trading over Indian Market

GIFT Nifty Achieves Record-Breaking Single-Day Turnover of $16.76 Billion and Open Interest of $13.51 Billion on Nov 28, 2023

In a notable milestone, the GIFT Nifty soared to unprecedented heights in single-day trading, registering a volume of 4,27,925 contracts and a remarkable turnover of $16.76 billion (approximately Rs 1,39,766 crore) on November 28, 2023, as reported by NSE IX. This achievement not only surpassed the previous record for single-day trading turnover, set at $15.25 … Read more

Market Summary: Nifty Surpasses 20,000 Mark, Closes Near ATH; Investors Gain Over ₹3 Lakh Crore in a Single Day

On Monday, the frontline indices, namely the Sensex and the Nifty, concluded with substantial gains. The Nifty reached a fresh record high during the trading session, while the Sensex reclaimed the 67,000 mark, driven by widespread buying activity. In a historic moment, the Nifty breached the coveted 20,000 mark for the first time, achieving an … Read more

Gift Nifty: A New Era in Indian Financial Markets

The Indian financial market is witnessing a significant shift as the SGX Nifty, an early indicator of the Indian equity market, moves from Singapore to India’s GIFT City (Gujarat International Finance Tec-City) in Gujarat. With this move, it has been renamed as Gift Nifty, symbolizing a new era in the Indian financial landscape. In this … Read more

Gift Nifty’s Impact on India’s Capital Markets

Gift Nifty, being the first cross-border initiative in connecting the capital markets of India with a foreign country, is expected to have a profound impact on India’s financial landscape. This innovative program opens up new avenues for foreign investors to participate directly in the Indian equity markets, bringing with it a host of opportunities and … Read more

Gift Nifty: The Next Step in Global Financial Cooperation

Gift Nifty is a cross-border initiative that has the potential to revolutionize the way investors access international opportunities and diversify their portfolios. It is the first of its kind, and it connects the capital markets of India and a specific foreign country. The primary objective of Gift Nifty is to provide foreign investors with the … Read more

Unlocking Investor Opportunities: GIFT Nifty and GIFT Nifty Bank Derivatives

Investors with access to derivative products like GIFT Nifty Index and GIFT Nifty Bank will have a number of opportunities, including: Overall, derivative products can offer a number of opportunities for investors. However, it is important to remember that derivatives are also risky instruments and should only be used by investors who understand the risks … Read more

Is Gift Nifty the new name of SGX Nifty?

Yes, Gift Nifty is the new name of SGX Nifty. On July 3, 2023, the SGX Nifty futures contracts were rebranded as Gift Nifty and moved to the NSE International Exchange (NSE IX) in Gandhinagar, India. This was done as part of a five-year agreement between the NSE and SGX. The move to rename SGX … Read more

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