World Market Indices

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IndexLast PriceChange (Change in %)Previous CloseHighLowLast Trade
Dow 3039,087.40+90.99 (+0.23%)38,989.5039,120.4038,850.5004-Mar 06:40
S&P 5005,137.08+40.81 (+0.80%)5,098.515,140.335,094.1604-Mar 06:40
Nasdaq Composite16,274.90+183.02 (+1.14%)16,109.8016,302.2016,096.6004-Mar 06:40
FTSE 1007,682.50+52.48 (+0.69%)7,630.027,695.617,630.0204-Mar 06:40
CAC 407,934.17+6.74 (+0.09%)7,950.667,964.787,900.4804-Mar 06:40
DAX17,735.10+56.88 (+0.32%)17,793.5017,816.5017,690.9004-Mar 06:40
Nikkei 22540,234.70+323.90 (+0.81%)40,201.8040,258.4040,123.4004-Mar 06:40
Hang Seng16,589.40+78.00 (+0.47%)0.0016,651.7016,339.7004-Mar 06:40
Shanghai Composite3,027.02+11.85 (+0.39%)0.003,027.023,027.0204-Mar 06:40
NSE Nifty22,378.40+0.00 (+0.00%)22,378.4022,378.4022,378.4004-Mar 06:40
BSE Sensex73,806.10+60.80 (+0.08%)73,745.4073,994.7073,778.1004-Mar 06:40
STI3,135.76-6.09 (-0.19%)3,151.073,153.633,125.7504-Mar 06:40
Kospi2,681.51+39.15 (+1.48%)2,664.522,682.802,662.3204-Mar 06:40

Our World Market Indices live price updates offer a comprehensive view of major indices from around the world, including the S&P 500, NASDAQ, FTSE 100, DAX, Nikkei 225, and many more. Start exploring the world of market indices today and unlock the potential of global investment opportunities!

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