India’s Wholesale Price Index (WPI) Inflation for Sept-2023 Shows a Milder Contraction

The data table below presents the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) inflation figures for India in September 2023, along with some significant changes from the previous month (August 2023) and relevant indices. WPI measures the average change over time in the prices of a selected basket of wholesale goods and represents a crucial economic indicator reflecting inflationary or deflationary trends in the Indian economy.

MetricSeptember 2023August 2023
Overall WPI Inflation Rate-0.26%-0.52%
Estimated WPI Inflation Rate (Informist)0.4%
Primary Articles Inflation (Sep)3.70%6.34%
Fuel and Power Inflation (Sep)-3.35%-6.03%
Manufactured Products Inflation (Sep)-1.34%-2.37%
Food Inflation (Sep)1.54%5.62%
Edible Oils Inflation (Sep)-17.22%-20.87%
All Commodity Index (Sep)-0.6%
Food Index (Sep)-4.5%
Primary Articles Index (Sep)-3.8%
Manufactured Products Index (Sep)0.4%
Fuel and Power Group Index (Sep)2.3%
Vegetable Index (Sep)-37.1%
Edible Oils Index (Sep)-2.9%
Basic Metals Index (Sep)1.6%
Cereals Index (Sep)1.1%
Revised WPI Inflation Rate (July)-1.23%-1.36%

The data highlights that the WPI inflation rate for September 2023 improved compared to August 2023, indicating a milder contraction. Notably, primary articles, fuel and power, and manufactured products witnessed significant changes in inflation rates. The food and edible oils categories also saw notable changes, while the all commodity index and various indices reflecting specific goods experienced varying trends.

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