Diwali Muhurat Trading 2023: Schedule and Significance

The Diwali Muhurat Trading for the new Samvat in 2023 is scheduled to occur on November 12, running from 6:00 PM to 7:15 PM. This information was reported by NSE and BSE on October 27.

During Diwali, the stock exchanges are open for a brief one-hour session, allowing traders to initiate symbolic trades to usher in the new year. Transactions executed during this special session are settled on the same day. The session consists of a 15-minute pre-opening and closing period to manage all trades. In 2022, both NSE and BSE had their Diwali Muhurat Trading session on October 24, 2022, from 6:15 PM to 7:15 PM.

Investors actively participate in Muhurat Trading, believing that purchasing stocks during this time will bring them wealth and good fortune throughout the year. On Diwali, stock traders commence new settlement accounts. Despite being closed for regular trading, the markets open for this one-hour session.

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Muhurat Trading holds immense significance for investors, as it symbolizes the commencement of their investment journey on an auspicious note. Many investors take this opportunity to add new stocks to their portfolios or increase their holdings in existing stocks.

In the past two Muhurat sessions, stock markets have closed positively, with both Sensex and Nifty gaining 0.88 percent each in the 2022 Muhurat Trading and 0.49 percent each in the 2021 session. As a result, market movements are anticipated to be volatile during this one-hour Muhurat Trading session.

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