US and Japan to Strengthen Cooperation in AI and Semiconductors

The United States and Japan are poised to announce a deepened collaboration in artificial intelligence (AI) and semiconductor technologies, as per a recent report.

This move comes amidst the US’s proactive efforts to block the shipment of advanced AI chips to China, aiming to prevent Beijing’s access to cutting-edge US technology.

The announcement of closer cooperation in high-tech domains, including AI and semiconductors, is expected to occur during Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s official visit to the US on April 10, where he will meet with President Joe Biden.

The joint statement will underscore the strong global partnership between the two allies and advocate for increased collaboration in AI and semiconductor sectors. As part of this agreement, Japan and the US are likely to establish a framework for AI research and development, collaborating with industry leaders such as Nvidia, Arm, and Amazon, among others.

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